Our Role

As cyber security evolves physical and facilities-based security needs have changed. Adversaries are now able to remotely gather intelligence using common mapping software from anywhere in the world. Conducting a modern physical security assessment as part of your overall security planning is now paramount.

Why Nexus

Traditional physical security and facilities risk assessments need to change. Many organizations have measures in place to deter trespassing, vandalism, and theft; but this is not enough. Modern adversaries are looking to commit crimes like executive impersonation, customer account take-over, identity-theft, data extortion a ransom, stealing company secrets and intellectual property and much more.


Nexus uses industry-leading frameworks, including the American Society for Industrial Security's (ASIS) Facilities Physical Security Measures Guideline, and the Department of Homeland Security's SAFETY Act - Best Practices for Anti-Terrorism Security (BPATS) to provide the following services: